The Rákóczi Ferenc IInd. Community Center offers shelter for 24 persons. The Center has 9 twin rooms, a quadruple room and a double room. It also has 5 separate showers and restrooms.
In the rooms opposite the new building we can offer extra beds (2,5x6), 5 beds in each room, one shower and a restroom. But you can also use the showers and restrooms from the new building. This accommodation is appropriate especially for young tourists.
In total, we can offer accommodation for 34 persons.  
Prices -2013 – (accommodation and food)
Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár): Francis Rákóczi IInd. Community Center
New building:  10 EUR, (43 RON), 2950 HUF/person/night
Booking a 50-seat room
For those, who in our town want to held presentations, seminars or courses, in the center of Alba Iulia  is situated our Conference Room. This room, which is heated during the winter, can give room to 50 persons. If necessary, we can provide a video projector and projector screen. We also offer in this room chairs and tables. The Conference Room has two restrooms, for men and women, and a small kitchen.
This room is suitable for medical presentations and seminars, trainings and book launches. If necessary, we rent the room for birthday parties and baptizing parties too.
It is 3 minutes away from downtown, it has free parking places.

Fee: 15 Euro / hour- in winter, 12 EUR/hour- in summer time

Rooms with two separate beds
Room with four separate beds
Family size bed and room
Five beds room in to the old b...
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