We warmly welcome you to our community center!

For a transylvanian there is always a pleasure to welcome guests in his house. You can’t be wrong either if you choose Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár, Weissenburg-Karlsburg). Francis Rákóczi the IInd. Community Center is 2 minutes away from downtown, 10 minutes away from the Vauban style citadel. You can learn about Alba Iulia  in the Roman Ages, Middle Ages and in the ages of Principalities (1541-1700), but you can also learn about the Romanian, Hungarian, German or Jewish history from the beginning of the 20th century.

Our Community Center,which is administrated by the Reformed Church, is an excellent historical or natural starting point for excursions. For the tired excursionists it offers a spiritual and physical refreshment. After a consistent and amazing trip, where you can see the millenial cathedral, the old Gábor Bethlen College (nowaday Univerity), the Râmeţ Gorge and Întregalde and, if you have time and energy, the ruins of the castle from Deva and Hunedoara. Besides the hospitality, our center is waiting for you with a tasty meal and simple but cheap, clean and comfortable accommodation.  

If you travel to Seclerland (East Transylvania, middle Romania), it is worth stopping in the heart of Transylvania, in the center of the transylvanian history and culture. The former center of Romans, the town of princes, a thousand years old churches and schools are waiting for you. Through them you can see the true and human face of Transylvania; you ca not just understand but feel the diversity of Transylvania.

It is worth being our guest!

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