Transylvania has always been famous for its kitchen. In its menu you can find the tasty traditional foods: chicken paprikas, chicken soup, stews, layered cauliflower, stuffed cabbage and potatoes, cheese roles, fried cabbage, gulash etc.
To all these are also added the Romanian specialties: traditional soups (ciorba), sour vegetable soups, the specific Romanian food called mamaliga with different cheese types made of sheep milk. All these food types offer you an unforgettable culinary experience.
The good mood is enhanced with the home made brandy (pálinka), which brings you the appetite. A good coffee makes your mornings happy, the tasty jams made of different fruits, and the fresh vegetables give you the necessary energy for a long trip. 
Our Community House offers its tasty and diverse menu for those who are willing and interested to try the Transylvanian specialties. You don’t have to stick to the given menu, you can also combine the food types and make up your own menu. You can have a whole day menu or just the meals you want.
Dinner consists of three courses, the drink (palinka and mineral water, wine) is on the house. We also offer a differentiated menu to our vegetarian guests. The price of the supper is 8 EUR./ person.
Breakfast is very consistent, it costs 3 EUR/ person- (tea, homemade jam, salami, ham, butter, bread). Our jams are natural, they are made from berries picked from the nearby forests.
Every meal can be ordered separately, or even a simpler and cheaper meal. In case of a larger group (20 or more persons), the leader of the group can be our guest for free.

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